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"Looking for something to do during the end of the world as we know it? Start a podcast with your best friend—or, better yet, listen to ours! Pour yourself some wine, roll a swisher, and sit back with Eating For Free—dropping Tuesdays weekly on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, and Stitcher." 

 Joan Summers, for Adolescent Content

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"These two are unapologetically witty with their views and opinions, and for that, I sip my tea happily with great amusement. Can’t wait to hear what they have to say down the road. Keep it up and preach it!"

"Amazing! These two are hilarious and have great chemistry, I can already tell that I'm going to be in for the ride of my life. Can't wait for more, let these girls know that they can't eat for free any longer!"

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 Logo and Design by Joan Summers

Logo and Design by Joan Summers


The Host

Joan Summers

Joan Summers is a gay icon and local sensation born, raised, and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She once had a professor call her the “Elle Woods of film school” and she took a lot of pride in that rather backhanded compliment. Through filmmaking, she combines a deep love for (and enclyclopedic knowledge of) fashion and pop culture with women-centric narratives. She’s drawn to the unapologetically trans, femme, queer, and eccentric. SISTERHOOD, her latest film, is an experimental documentary about a year in the life of her and all her friends recreated as a reality tv show and shot like a fashion film. Having graduated from SFSU’s School of Cinema thesis program, she plans on continuing to write, direct, and star in projects that center women and those who’ve fallen through the cracks of traditional storytelling.

Matthew Lawson

Matthew Lawson, born and raised in San Diego, started a side-blog in high school to vent youth angst through memes and social commentary. Moving to the Bay Area after graduation, he started to study political science through higher education, and his blog followed. Through studying 20th century philosophy, participating in the experimental college program at San Francisco State University (where the students teach themselves), and writing more and more about the state of our world on his blog and for professors, a change needed to happen. Through culminating the decade-plus experiences he's learned through social media, blogging - watching the world change before his eyes with LGBT rights, social justice, and political in-cohesion - Lawson discovered the power of his voice, and the ability to talk about the issues unlike others in his circle. He will continue to post on his blog, but is now focused on writing and podcasting through Eating For Free.

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